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Routing of the call indicates placing or routine call to another number while the dialed number is not available, not answered or busy, like a home business always prefers simple routing from their home phone to their cell phone. If their home phone is unanswered or busy then after few seconds it just diverts the call to their cell phones. So, that all the calls can be attended, no matter how busy the phone is at home. This helps in an uninterrupted communication among service provider and customers.

When it comes to the facility of call routing with 1300 numbers, since business pays for the calls done by customers, the customer will face a minimum rate from any fixed line in Australia.  Call routine signifies the routing of a particular call to some other number whereas the number that is dialed by the client or customer cannot be answered. The call automatically gets routed to another number within few seconds. All you have to do is look for Small Business Telecoms Solutions. You can make out the difference between the process of call routing with two important steps. (more…)